about us

about us

At Pooch Mode, we're all about celebrating the stylish bond between unique-bodied babies, and their fashion-savvy parents. Our chic collection blends the latest designs with top-notch quality, ushering in a new era of stylish, trend-conscious canine companions.

Madeline's commitment

Hi I'm Madeline! My journey with Pooch Mode began with a childhood passion for pugs. At just eleven years old, I fell head over heels for these adorable, quirky-shaped dogs. Yet, as a devoted pug parent, I often found myself frustrated by the lack of stylish and well-fitting clothing options available for them.

Driven by my love for fashion and my three beloved pugs – Harriet, Maude, and Opal – I embarked on a mission to change that. And so, Pooch Mode was born. With my trusty trio as both muse and creative team, I set out to create fashionable accessories that not only fit well but also reflect each pup's unique personality.

For me, it's not just about making stylish attire; it's about ensuring that every pup can strut their stuff comfortably and confidently. My passion for fashion and love for animals drive me to create high-quality, stylish attire tailored specifically for unique-shaped dogs like pugs and French bulldogs. This commitment to excellence is matched only by my devotion to animal rescues, especially those that have given my beloved pooches a second chance.